Getting Away From It All

by DigitalSimplyWorld

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[ETA-EP 001]

After publishing of almost 20 physical albums the time has come to publish the first digital EP by DigitalSimplyWorld entitled “Getting Away From It All”. This EP, which explores the motif of journey, announces the full length album which is soon to be released in a nice ETALABEL DigiPack.

The cooperation between DigitalSimplyWorld (DSW) and Grzegorz Bojanek has begun last year while DSW was recording his album called “Let’s China”. The album was inspired by the field recordings Grzegorz made during his Chinese trips. The album was published in the Jamendo service and was downloaded over 800 times! Apart from giving his field recordings to DSW, Grzegorz also created the titles and took the cover photo.

Following that idea of cooperation both artists decided to follow the same path. This time apart from giving his field recordings to DSW Grzegorz also gave him the modified guitar recordings and also some sounds of an old piano. They have become the base of the EP and the upcoming full album.

DigitalSimplyWorld says: “Microsounds of the traffic signal system for the blind people are used as ambient, pulsing minimalistic melody. The rain is changed into noise and everything trembles and vibrates with its own power. Classical electronic music from the old Berlin school adds its own character to the searches of the sound design. The tracks on the EP are “falling inside” and they boil just like in a Large Hadron Collider. The music I created hypnotises the listener and pulls him into the world of the ambient shaman alchemy where the frontier between the time, place and the sense of existence is blurred. It is a journey to the unknown places which in the same time are so familiar to us”.

In the track “Journey To The Unknown” the discussion of the Apollo 11 astronauts can be heard. It is a conscious recall of the project “One Small Step” organised by WEFREC and The Art And Technology Foundation in cooperation with NASA and the American Embassy in Warsaw in which DigitalSimplyWorld took part.


released August 1, 2012

special thanks: Grzegorz Bojanek, Warsaw Electronic Festival and Jarek Grzesica, Jacek Ciołek, Maciej Braciszewski, Wojciech Wszelaki, Marek Kwiatkowski, Mateusz Bąkała, NASA, Fundacja Sztuka i Technologia

composed and mastered by: DigitalSimplyWorld
cover photo by: Grzegorz Bojanek
cover design by: Mateusz Bąkała

© 2012 | published by | ETA-EP 001



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